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WELCOME TO Global Digital Movies

Global Digital Movies believes in creating a responsible and sustainable business for its business partners. GDM has created various products which are having a very successful business model. Investment in GDM products are very economical as compared to competition for creating strong and diverse earnings streams, these businesses are complementary, targeting a similar customer demographic and providing significant cross-promotional opportunities. more

our vision

GDM aims to be a pioneer in the development of state of the art Nanoplex & Luxury cinema complexes. GDM aims to raise cinema exhibition standards to new levels by utilising maximum seating in minimum comfortable space with the help of latest sound systems and advanced projection technologies. GDM products will be the forerunners to the high quality cinema screens that operate in small towns but also luxurious houses in cities. GDM is committed to developing one of the world’s highest quality cinema circuits that continues to generate strong returns. GDM aims at creation of entertainment destinations and not just cinema screens with its affordable products are the most important factor in GDM’s strategy, and aim to increase attendance by enhancing the movie going culture in its chosen markets. GDM has also sought to widen the appeal of going to the movies by creating new concept cinemas attractive to a broader demographic. As part of this approach the division has developed concepts such as Nanoplex and the Royal Lounge. Royal Lounge Cinemas are luxury, premium venues offering personalised levels of service; smaller more private and intimate cinemas; customer designed recliner seating and state of the art projection and sound systems. This style of cinemas has been particularly popular for corporate functions and those looking for a more memorable movie going experience. You see films as they are meant to be seen, all the comedy, action and drama of the movies come to life. Consistent with its strategy of extending the movie going experience.

about us