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multiplex cinema setup


Global Multiplex is a Multiple Screen setup at a single complex. The audience starts from 150+ in a Single Screen. The ambience and seating are more luxurious & spacious. Global Multiplex is very a very affordable project with higher rates of return. The video quality is Full HD with Dolby Digital Sound System. Global Multiplex can be started in Metros, Cities, Bigger Towns where there is bigger movie going crowd. Preferable location will be at Malls & Shopping Complex.

Space Requirement


Seating Capacity


Other Details

There are multiple returns that can be generated by Global Multiplex from the following :

  • Movie Tickets
  • Advertisements between Cinema
  • Promotional Activity in the Nanoplex
  • Cafe/Restaurant
  • Parking
  • Conference Rental
  • Social Functions Rental

multiplex cinema setup